A Review of Mini Portable USB2.0 Port HD 1 Way HDMI 1080P Monitor Video Capture Card

If you always wanted to record your console or tv, there’s a solution. You can buy a capture card. But capture cards are very expensive. But this tiny tool can solve your problem.

Are you a YouTuber and want to record your gameplay from your Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch? Then you probably need a capture card. But as you know, a good one from elgato costs around 150 Euro €. That’s much, but there’s a solution where you can save a lot of money.

There’s a capture card called “Mini Portable USB2.0 Port HD 1 Way HDMI 1080P Monitor Video Capture Card” which can transfer a HDMI signal to your PC. So if you want to record PS4 gameplay for example, just plug in the HDMI cable to your PS4 and the mini capture card and then with USB to your PC. Then you will need a program to display this signal. There are plenty of such software out there on the internet. For example, the newest version of Bandicam will work. Just plug in the USB cable to your PC and open Bandicam. There you can choose that you want to display a HDMI signal. You can also change the settings etc.

This is how it looks

How much does it cost?

If you want to buy it you have to pay 10€ – 15€  for it. If you think that is a good price, then buy it HERE. On eBay, search for it and buy one that is cheap.

Why so cheap?

Of course you are asking yourself why it can be so cheap, because real capture cards from elgato costs around 150€. So here is the reason: The capture card cannot display 1080p Full HD. It is written in the name of the device but it’s not true. If you want to know the real resolution of the capture card, watch this video.

As you can see, it only records around 480p. If that is enough for you, you can buy it here: