Alan Wake & For Honor now for FREE on Epic Games Store

It’s another week where Epic Games gives players free games.

This week, from this day to 9th of August, you can get the game Alan Wake, from the makers of Max Payne.

Also, you can get For Honor for free.

About the games

Alan Wake is a really cool storyline shooter with many horror elements and a dark, very dark theme. You play as Alan, obviously. He is a writer who has written his own nightmare where sad and interesting things happen. Play it yourself and you may fall in love with the developers, Remedy.

For Honor is a game by Ubisoft. To play it, you sadly need a Ubisoft account. In this game, you will fight, a lot. You can choose between many characters and more. And since it came out in 2017, it still has great graphics.

How to get these games

You simpy only need a Epic Games Store account, and obviously a Windows PC.

Just go to this site and you will see all free games this week, and what you can get for free next week.

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