Attack On A Berlin Christmas Market At The Memorial Church

​On December 19, 2016, a terrorist from Is was driving a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin at the Breitscheidplatz. What the background is, how something could happen and what happens now you will read in this article.

A driver of a Polish company, Lukasz Urban, had brought the Scania R 450 semitrailer with trailer, loaded with 25 tons of structural steel from Italy to Berlin.

He waited at ThyssenKrupp Schulte on the Friedrich-Krause-Ufer to unload his truck.

The GPS data of the truck shows the first moves at 15:45 h, as a person tried to learn how to drive the truck. From this point, the polish driver was no longer accessible by telephone.

Around 8 pm, the person drove the loaded truck from the Hardenbergstrasse into the christmas market at the church at Breitscheidplatz.

From there he drove about 50 to 80 meters across the market through the visitors, destroyed several buildings and finally stopped at the Budapester Strasse . 12 people died and 50 are injured.
The polish driver Lukasz Urban was during the kidnapping in the driver cabin with the terrorist and the Lukasz prevented probably an even higher number of victims.

He got stabbed several times and was shot by the terrorist.

Some witnesses saw that the terrorist stepped out of the truck and ran into the Tiergarten. A witness followed him, but later he lost him.

Then a pakistani was arrested, but the police had no proof and had to release him again.

Under the driver’s seat, the police found the certificate of him to stay in germany for the tunisian citizen Anis Amri.
Amri also used the names Ahmed Zaghloul, Ahmad Zarzour, Ahmed Almasri, and Mohamed Hassa as identities.
The investigators started a public search to find the terrorist. The search started on 21 December. The police rewards up to EUR 100,000 for proofs leading to Amri.

On 22  December fingerprints of Amris were also found in the truck’s cabin. Means he controlled the truck.

On December 23, 2016, Amri was shot by Italian policemen, after he opened fire on a routine check in Sesto San Giovanni, part of the city of Milan.

Now is the question, how did he come from Berlin to Milan?

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