Attack On Lauderdale Airport In Florida

​An armed man fired on Friday in a terminal around himself. You’ll get all informations here.

​At least 5 were killed and 8 injured.
​This was announced by the sheriff of the county of Broward on Friday.
Some witnesses were on the runway, so they could be seen on pictures in tv.According to Mayor Barbara Sharief, the shooter was arrested after he had laid himself on the ground.

According to “CNN” the shooter came with a plane from Alaska, he had the weapon in the luggage and then loaded it through the laundry room.

He weared a military uniform. He was carrying a US Army passport with the name Esteban Santiago, but it is still not checked if it’s his ID card. According to the ID card, he is 25 years old.

Florida’s Senator Bill Nelson said: “We do not know his motive yet. “It could be someone mentally confused.
​Or someone who has very dark intentions we have to worry about every day. And that is terrorism. But we don’t know it yet. ”

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