Best AddMeFast Alternatives 2019 – New Social Exchange Sites

In this post we are going to show you the best AddMeFast alternatives of the year 2019. Also new ones included!

If you ever wanted to be a social star and did not get enough followers or subscribers, there’s a way to help you! Maybe you know it already but if you don’t, here’s an explanation:

There are so-called social exchange sites that can help you to get more views, subs followers etc. The only thing you have to do is find a good website, sign in and post all your social accounts like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or other. But that’s not it!

You also have to do something for it. On many sites you have to follow others and subscribe to other people to get points. These points can be used to get more followers for you. Of course you can also buy points/coins on certain websites.

So, now you know what social exchange sites are and now you want to know, what’s the best one, right? Here comes the list with the best ones.

The List

youlikehits logo Youlikehits

Youlikehits is still one of the best social exchange sites on the net. Why? Because you can add so many social accounts to get followers! You just have to follow others to get coins to promote your content.

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traffup logo Traffup

This website traffup is a little bit built up like the original AddMeFast. It can also help you to get more views, subs and more for free. It’s the same principle as the other exchange site.

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followlike logo Still the best one: FollowLike

As featured in the 2017’s edition blog post, FollowLike still ranks top 1 in the best social exchange sites this year. It has many features, you can even advertise your website on this site. It also still has a lot of members so that means you can get a lot of traffic, subs, views etc.

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If you are still reading till here, that’s good. Because users have reported more and more that websites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or many more are deleting people accounts if they use social exchange sites.

Read here why you should never use such sites like AddMeFast ->

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