Donald Trump Would Like To Have Hillary As Woman! Proof Is Given!

Donald Trump doesn’t love his wife Melania! And we got the proof. All informations in the article.

It’s just incredible! Donald Trump doesn’t like his wife.
The 70-year-old US president posted the message on his Twitter profile.
​People thought it was just a silly joke, but it’s not!
As you can see, Trump wrote in his tweet that he actually loves Hillay Clinton and wanted to have her as his woman instead of Melania.
He also writes in PS that she should contact him.
​Just unbelievable!
How can a man cheat with his wife?
Donald Trump had two women before he married Melania. The first lucky one was Ivana Trump, married from 1977 to 1992.
A year later he already found a new woman. Marla Maples, married from 1993 to 1999.
Unfortunately, this marriage has failed too.
He had paused with marriages after the fails and waited 6 years until he hooked up with Melania since 2005.

Let’s see how the future looks…

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