Fawove Downloads will get you the download-experience you wish

Maybe you know it already, maybe not, Fawove Downloads is in maintenance mode for several weeks now. If you want to know why, read more below.

Fawove Downloads is planned to open again within several weeks to months. Why does it take so long? Well, to provide you with safety and easy, fast downloads it takes time to finish up the site.

What is so special about it?

You may think it’s just another download site with a lot of ads, simply garbage. But it’s not.

It takes much time to offer save downloads without confusing links. Basically, you just have to click on the download button and you will be redirected to the download site where you can get your file.

This download site can be from the official vendor or hosted on MEGA.nz. Why Mega? It offers encryption so you don’t need to worry about leaving any tracks.

If you want to support Fawove, you can also find under the download button a buy button. Not on all download pages of course, but on pages that offer game demos, for example. If you click the buy button, you will not be immediately charged. You will only get redirected to a selling site where you can purchase the product. If you bought it, Fawove get a little percentage that will help make Fawove better. You will not be charged more of course.

If you want, you can add Fawove Downloads to your Bookmarks and check it every few weeks to see if it is available again.

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