Firefox 70 is now released with a new Logo

Mozilla has published the new version of the popular web browser Mozilla Firefox.

This new version is called simply “70” and it comes with the 64 bit and the 32 bit version of Firefox. Also with the other versions for other operating systems.

What’s the most noticeable thing in this new version?

Well, if you looked at this post thumbnail, you already know it. Firefox has a new logo now. It had one before in the beta and nightly channels of Firefox, but now it has also come to the stable channel.

Firefox Lockwise is also preinstalled now.

Also, Firefox Lockwise is now integrated into the web browser. Lockwise is a cool Password-Manager that is completely free to use, but it can’t do so much as of now. There will be many updates in the future for this service for sure!

For all macOS users: Firefox is now using less power than before. So, if you always wanted to switch browsers to Firefox, now you can do it without any obstructions.

To download it, go to