Get Free Games By Watching Videos On TremorGames

​We will show you what you have to do to get free steam games only by watching videos or downloading apps.

What is TremorGames?


Tremor Games is a website where you can play flash games, watch videos, download apps or complete surveys to get “coins”. With this coins you can purchase games on the site, and if you bought a game they will get back to you within 48 hours to give you to game activation code per email or per pm in your Tremor Games profile.

Register at TremorGames


First you have to register to earn your coins. To do so, click this link and click on “REGISTER”. Now enter your information and confirm your email address.
You have successfully created a profile.

Get your first coins


On, click on “Get Coins” to get to the offers. You can choose of various companies where you can do your work the get coins. Let’s take Supersonic. With Supersonic you can make surverys, download apps or watch simply videos to earn your coins. It can take up to 15 minutes until you get your coins. All other companies are usually the same like Supersonic where you can make coins. You can also play flash games to get coins. You can find a lot of games on this link. But sometimes it happens that you don’t get coins, even if you have completed the offer. Please read this post.

Redeem your games


To get your hard earned games you have to click on “Tremor Rewards” and choose the game you want, or just search for it. Click on “Redeem” and if you have enough coins they will get back to your within 48 hours to give you the activation code to get your game.


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