Google Chrome: “Just Black” Theme Download Bar Bugged – How To Fix

If you always wanted a dark looking Google Chrome interface then you are probably using a Chrome theme.

And if you are currently using Google’s official dark themes for the browser and have installed the theme “Just Black”, you are probably devastated by the fact that this theme is buggy. An official theme from Google for Google Chrome bugged? Yes, indeed.

As you may have read on the Chrome Web Store, many people are complaining about the bug that has been there for several weeks now. Which bug? Well, if you are trying to download something on the internet and want to view the file in your download bar, then you will have a problem. Because the download bar is completely white without any title of the download or anything. And that is a big problem.

Screenshot (202)
All white, no text to see here.

Google has still not fixed this bug, that’s probably why you have reached this post.

How To Fix

There is no official way of fixing this theme to work 100 percent. But thankfully, there are many people out there that are making custom Google Chrome themes. Currently, the best theme for a dark Chrome experience is the theme called “Material Simple Dark Grey”.

Screenshot (204)
Theme is called Material Simple Dark Grey.

Click on the button below to install it in your browser and you will see, the download bar is now dark, like the tab menu. You may also check every week if Google has fixed its “Just Black” theme. Until then, happy.. uhhh….