How To Create A Search Engine For Your Website

​You will learn how to create a search engine for your website for free and easy.

Almost every website needs a search bar, so users can easily and quickly get to your content.


We will show you how to create a search engine very easy for your website, what you need, and how to get it to your website.


The best solution to get a free search engine for your website is the search engine from google.

Google custom search was launched on october 24, 2006. You can easily create a search engine for your website, and it’s free!


The only thing you need is a google account.
If you haven’t one, create one for free and fast on (you may have to specify your phone number to confirm).

Of course you also need a page where the search engine should appear.


If you now have a google account go to and sign up. Enter your site address so google knows what to index.

Also select the language of your website. Now you only have to enter a name, so you can easy find your search engine.

You can now copy and paste the code into your website, but you should adjust it first.

Click on “Design” and choose a method you like.
As default, the overlay is selected to display the search results in an overlay on the same tab.
Click on “Designs” and choose what you like. If you want to have the standard design, don’t change anything.
Now go to “Setup”.You can also earn money with the search engine by linking it to your adsense account.
Go to “Make Money” and link an adsense account or create a new one.
You can get the income from the ads on the search results.

You need google to index your site, so you have to submit a request.
Go to “Create Index” and log in to the google search console and submit a request by confirming your website (how-to information will be given to you on the page). When you are done, go to “Basics” and click “Get Code”.

Copy the code to your clipboard and paste it into your website.
For information on how to insert html into your website, please ask your website host.Congratulations, you have now created your own search engine for your website!