How To Earn Money From Youtube

​In this post we will show you how you can make money with youtube.

Everyone dreams of earning money with youtube with simply uploading videos and doing nothing else.
​However, it’s not so easy to get money with youtube. There are a lot of things you have to do to get your money every month.
On this page we will explain you how to earn money with youtube.
To manage a youtube channel you need to have a google account.
If you haven’t yet created one create a account and give correct information like your date of birth etc. After you have created one, go to youtube and log in.

Open a channel now, and if you want, you can immediately give your channel an individual style by uploading profile images and banners.


To earn money with youtube you need content, on which the ads should appear. That means you need videos.
Upload only the videos you’ve created, otherwise your channel can get a strike, get deleted, or you can not earn money with it.

If you want many people see your videos, it is recommended to upload videos, which are trending and which interests the people. Add good tags to your video so they can be found easier and faster.CONFIRM YOUR ACCOUNT

To earn money with youtube and to upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes, you have to confirm your account.
Go to and enter your phone number, so you get an sms.In the sms is a code, which you need to write in the box, so your account is confirmed.
If it’s successful, you can now upload longer videos on your channel, upload thumbnails and much more.

You can also earn money now. In the next step you will see how.EARN MONEY

Now it’s time. You have created a youtube channel, added profile pictures, uploaded videos and confirmed your account.
Now you can apply for adsense for youtube. This is necessary if you want to earn money with youtube.
Go to your youtube dashboard and click on channel. Click on monetize and you are already in the right section.
Click on the drop down menu on “How do I get paid?” And click “Link an adsense account”. Now you are in monetize tab.
Click continue to be redirected to adsense. Now complete the process by completing the request with the correct data and send it.
If you have sent the application, it may take a while to process it. Your request is either accepted or rejected. If it’s rejected,
you can not earn money with youtube, but you can resubmit the request at any time. If you are accepted, it’s now time to celebrate! Cause now you have an adsense for youtube account and can earn money with your videos.

Your final income will be displayed in your adsense account, where you must also confirm your address and add a bank account. Only monetize content that really is yours and if you take content from others, you need their written consent.That was it! Thank you for reading the guide and we hope that we helped you with how to earn money on YouTube.

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