How to Get Windows 10 Pro for just 5 Dollars

Need Windows 10 Pro but don’t have these 200$ that it costs? Get an OEM version for just 5 dollars of less.

So here you are, in need of a key for Windows 10. Or Win 10 Pro. Of course you can also download Windows 10 for free from some sites and get viruses, but that’s not the point of that post.

Why they cost only 5 Dollars?

You may be asking yourself if this is a scam, to trick you for your money or something like that. But no, it’s all legal and Microsoft will not revoke you Windows key which you got for just a few bucks.

These Windows 10 keys come from OEM’s. One example is that Manufactures that buy Keys from Microsoft to use it for their devices. And there are re-sellers on many shopping platforms like Amazon or eBay that sell these keys so cheap.

Where to get a key?

You can start looking at the big shopping websites like Amazon or eBay. There are many sellers that offers you their key for just a few bucks, sometimes even under 5$. If you don’t use any of these mentioned websites, there are still others available.

On of the most trusted ones is MMOGA. They are not just a game key selling websites, but they also sell software keys and Operating system key like for Windows 10. So just click on this link to buy Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro really cheap and get the key right after the purchase.

Buy Windows 10 from MMOGA