How to restore old YouTube Design. 1 Easy Step, No Addon.

Get the old YouTube layout back with one easy step. No need to install any addons or plugins!

Since Google has rolled out the new YouTube layout, many users say that they don’t like the new one. That’s why I wrote this guide to help you get the old design back! How? Read down below.

Well, since you are still reading, you really want to know how.

You can do that without having to install any addons or plugins. It’s basically just one easy step. You can also choose for which browser you want to do that. In this guide I’ll show you how to do this with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, because they are the most used web browsers on the internet.

Here’s how to get the old YouTube design back.

1200px-Google_Chrome_icon_(September_2014).svg For Google Chrome: First, you have to go to the official YouTube site,

Then, hit the button F12 and a Google Chrome developer menu appears.

From there you have to look at the taskbar and find the menu “Application”. Click on it. Now, look at the left sidebar and click on the button called “Cookies”. Now choose the YouTube website url by clicking on it and a new list appears. There you have to find the section PREF.

Copy this code at the end of the other code in PREF: &f6=43418

Now hit enter and when you refresh the YouTube site, you will see that you have to old YouTube design back.

1200px-Firefox_Logo,_2017 For Mozilla Firefox: Also, you have to go first to the YouTube site,

You will also have to hit the F12 button on this browser and a developer menu will appear. From there, you have to look at the taskbar of the dev menu and find on the right side the little gear icon ⚙.

Click through the options until you find in the taskbar the option called “Data” with the 3 circles symbol. Now click on it, go the the left side and click on cookies and then on the YouTube link. Go like in Google Chrome to the right list and find the option called “PREF”.

Copy &f6=43418 or &f6=8 at the end of the code of PREF and then hit enter.

Now, refresh the page and you can see, that you can have the old YouTube layout now!

Is there anything I need to know?

Yes there is. If you delete your browser cookies, then these options will be deleted as well. That means you have to do everything again to get the old YouTube design back. This method of getting the old YouTube design back may not be working in the future, if Google someday completely removes the old layout and switch everything to the polymer design.

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