Just Cause 4: New Game announced with Rico Rodriguez

Just Cause 4 was introduced at the E3 2018. Here you get the release date and more info about the game.

Leaks have already betrayed it, but at the E3 followed the official announcement. Fitting to the announcement, there was also a trailer that presented the actual main character.

Although Rico Rodriguez is still the playable character in Just Cause 4, the weather is the main reason why chaos exists everywhere. So it’s not just Rico’s fault.

The big feature of Just Cause 4 is the map of the South American country Solis. There are not only different climatic zones, but also extreme weather events. The weather should also affect the game mechanics.

The Tornado sucks in vehicles and game characters. With wind cannons, the rough breeze can even be controlled a little by paving the way for the cyclone before. This way, entire outposts can be destroyed. Of course, the player has to be careful and use his gadgets properly to be in control of the tornado.

Just Cause 4 will be released on December 4, 2018.

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