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​Here you will get infos about how to make money online.




Adfly is an online link shrinker where you can make money with.
Register to adfly with using this link.
After registering you just have to paste your link and shrink it, then post your link wherever you like. Adfly pays you 5$ on 10.000 link visits.
If you have a website you can also go to “Tools” to get a html code which you can paste to your website. Your site visitors will get a pop up and you get the earnings. Adfly pays you every month when you reached the 10$ limit. Adfly is completely free for you if you are not an advertiser.



Adsense is a Google brand. That means you can also use it for YouTube to make money with it.
First, go to adsense.com and click on sign in. Now fill in the form and enter your website address and continue until you have send the application.
You can also register to adsense with a different way, go to your YouTube Creator Studio and click on “Channel“. If you have already verified your channel with your phone number you can register to adsense. Go to “​Monetization” and register to adsense HERE. Then just fill in the form “don’t need any website) and send your application to Google.
Now wait until Google reviewed your application and if it’s approved, you can now start with making money by linking your YouTube account to adsense to make money with your videos or submit a website to Google so you can make money with your site.

Other Advertising Companies

There are a lot of other companies like adsense where you can make money with your website. This is a list of the best.

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