No New Alice Game in the Works – EA Shuts Down Creator’s Plans to Publish

Fans of the popular video game series, Alice, have been eagerly awaiting the release of a new game. However, Electronic Arts (EA) has announced that there will not be a new Alice game in the works, disappointing many loyal players.

Furthermore, EA has also shut down the creator of Alice, American McGee, from publishing the game through other means.

American McGee, who developed the original Alice game, has been trying to get a new game in the series released for several years. However, his efforts have been met with resistance from EA, who owns the rights to the franchise.

According to recent reports, EA has informed McGee that he cannot evade their decision by using other ways to publish the game. This means that fans of the franchise will not be able to enjoy a new game in the series anytime soon.

The decision by EA has been met with disappointment and frustration by many fans, who have been eagerly anticipating a new game in the Alice series. Some fans have even started a petition which over 3000 people signed, to urge EA to change their decision and allow American McGee to release the game through other means.

While it is unclear why EA has made this decision, it is likely due to financial reasons or a lack of interest in the franchise.

It is uncertain whether EA will reconsider their decision in the future, or if the franchise will continue to stay “completed”.