Nvidia GeForce Now is now available for everyone for free

Nvidia has released the game streaming service for everyone now.

GeForce Now is Nvidia’s streaming platform for PC gamers. Everyone who has a Nvidia account can now use GeForce Now to play their games on Nvidia’s computers.

If you don’t know how it works: You can login to your favorite game launcher (Steam) through GeForce Now and just start your game. It’ll run on their computers.

But not all games are currently available. But Nvidia said that more and more are being added over time.

Is it free?

Yes and no. There are two options to choose from.

You can use GeForce Now completely for free if you’re okay that you get interrupted every 1 hour to need to reconnect. So if you’re okay with that, it’s free.

The second option in GeForce Now is called “Founders”. It’ll cost you only 5 dollars a months and you will not get interrupted if you play your games too long on their streaming service.

The best would be if you try it, go to this link to register and join GeForce Now for free.