Serious Sam 4 – Gameplay, Price, Release and more info

Yesterday a lot information about Serious Sam 4 got released. Many of them good some not so much. The most important thing usually is the trailer, so let’s focus on that first.

Release Date in the trailer

As you can see, Devolver Digital provides a short cinematic trailer for Serious Sam 4. Some new enemies are shown, some a old and familiar with Serious Sam gamers.

At the end of the trailer you get to see the release date. It is supposed the be released in August 2020, if there are no delays.

The bad thing is tho, that it is not coming out on consoles, at least not this year. But it’s confirmed to be coming out to the new Xbox and the new PlayStation next year 2021.

The new Serious Sam 4 cinematic trailer

Price, Deluxe Edition & Pre-order Bonus

Serious Sam 4 has a price of 33,99 €/$. That may be too much for some people, but it will probably go down after some months.

Serious Sam 4 is not only coming out in the normal edition, there is also a new Deluxe Edition which will cost you 41,99 €/$.

The Digital Deluxe edition comes with an digital artbook where you can see the concept art of the new Serious Sam game and also see high quality model renders of probably new enemies and more.

But if you pre-order the game, you will get a Tommy gun skin. Let’s hope Croteam made some serious animations on this gun.

Things you will get if you buy the Deluxe Edition

Your bonus for pre-ordering the game

Gameplay videos of Serious Sam 4

If you take a look at the comments of the cinematic trailer of Serious Sam 4, you can see many people complaining that Croteam has not yet shown any gameplay material for the new Serious Sam game. That is not true.

Because if you take a look at the video description, you will see that you can click a link to go to the Steam page of the Serious Sam 4 summer event.

On this page, you can get some gameplay videos and more info about Serious Sam 4.

Some more gameplay in this video

Sam 4 on the main page of Steam

Currently Serious Sam 4 is displayed in a huge banner image if you go to the main page of the Steam Store.

It’s definitely a good thing because if Serious Sam becomes more popular, the developers will make more money and then can invest into making more games and improving their future games.

The Steam Store main page