Shootings in YouTube Headquarters – Shooter killed himself

In the center of the video site YouTube in San Bruno, California, shots were fired on early Tuesday afternoon.

At the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California, a woman fired shots early Tuesday afternoon. At least three people were injured. This was announced by the police chief of the city at a press conference. Victims are treated at the nearby San Francisco General Hospital. According to a spokesman, a 36-year-old man is in “critical” condition.

This is what Google tweets:

According to previous findings, the police assume that the alleged shooter killed herself after the crime. Her body had been found inside a building, police chief Ed Barberini said. The body had an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound. Employees barricade themselves in offices The shots apparently fell in a courtyard, where employees usually eat lunch. Workers reported on the incident on Twitter. Several YouTube employees barricaded themselves after the shootings in their offices. On mobile phones of witnesses was to see how employees were led by the police with raised hands from a building.

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