Skybound Has Access To Telltale’s Twitter Account

The company Skybound has now obviously received the permission to manage the Twitter account of Telltale Games.

Telltale Games… What was that? Maybe you really don’t know if you’re not a gamer, but many people obviously know what that is.

It was a company that got very popular after the release of The Walking Dead game in 2012. Because it was one of the first games with user-based choices that are story relevant.

Then, last year, Telltale has posted this tweet where they say that they have laid off many workers from their company and they stopped working on The Walking Dead The Final Season.

But then, after a few months, Skybound Games came and got some of Telltales formers employees to finish the TWD The Final Season. Episode 3 is already released and the last episode is coming next month in March.

But if you look at Telltale Games twitter page, you can see that Skybound has changed Telltales account name to “The Walking Dead Game”. They obviously want these 1 million followers to get to know that they will finish the remaining episodes of The Walking Dead The Final Season. But still, it looks like a “cash grab”, to get more sales.