Snowden’s new Haven app makes any Android phone a surveillance camera

NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden is among the benefactors of another reconnaissance application that helps prepare for PC hijackings.

Haven is an open source application that will keep running on any Android telephone, especially cheap and more established gadgets. It works like an observation framework, utilizing the gadget’s camera, sound chronicle ability and significantly accelerometer to distinguish development and advise a client. The thought is that, even with the best encryption on the planet, a gadget is defenselessness to physical, in-person altering — otherwise called “underhanded cleaning specialist” in light of the fact that actually an inn servant could get to it.

The application was created by The Guardian Project, Freedom Of The Press and Snowden to offer eyes and ears to avert, or if nothing else increment mindfulness, of whether a gadget has been altered.

Haven can be downloaded via Google Play and open source Android app store F-Droid.

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