This new Windows 11 update will remove the thin context menu (Build 22494)

If you’re now using Windows 11 and have used Windows 10 before, you may have seen a difference between these two operating systems that is not good to look at.

Windows 11 still uses the old context menu from Windows 10 sometimes, and when it’s used, you will get a very thin selection. This does not look good and is annoying.

Really thin and weird

Thankfully, the new Windows 11 Build 22494 improves that. With the new update it will look now more like Windows 10, but with… ROUNDED CORNERS!

By Reddit user u/JustVal02

Although, it would be nice if that color changes with what you have selected as your Windows 11 color.

The next step in Windows 11 context menu updates would be to completely remove the old context menu from Windows 10 and use the new Windows 11 context menu everywhere.

The current Windows 11 context menu