Twitter’s New Design 2019 – Good Or Not? A Review

Twitter is one of the most visited websites in the world so it was somewhat clear that someday they are going to update their design to make it more easier to navigate and more friendlier with people who don’t know much about the internet.

So that’s why they announced on January 22 this year the new design of the Twitter desktop site. Down below is a tweet from Twitter with a short video.

The new design may look strange, but for many people the new design is more appealing, since it’s much simpler and has a cleaner look. It also comes with a dark mode like the old design.

Twitter said that someday in 2019 the new design will come out to all users, which means that the old design will be no more. Maybe you will be able to change it for a few months, but then the option to change it will probably be removed.

old vs new
Old Design vs New Design

If you look closely at the image above, you will see that a lot has changed. The buttons on top are much bigger. Also, the search bar has grown.

The big image of the “Twitter Hashtag” has also changed, it’s now way smaller than before.

So is it better?

Well, the design may look much cleaner and faster, but there is one thing that is disturbing many users. The timeline.

In the old version, the timeline is in the center which makes it easy to read if you are in front of your screen. In the new design, the timeline is on the left side, which means that you have to look with your eyes at the left side of the screen all the time if you want to read tweets. That can be hurting your eyes if you have a big screen.

In that point, the old design is better. But maybe Twitter will change it on the new design as well, or add an option the center the timeline. Maybe it will never be changed, but keep your hopes up!