Walking Dead Final Season: Skybound releases Retail Copy on 26th of March

Skybound Games will release a retail copy of The Walking Dead: The Final Season on the 26th of March, at the same time as the last Episode 4 of the game called “Take Us Back”.

If you’re into these “interactive movie” games, you will probably know that there is only one Episode left for the game The Walking Dead: The Final Season. The last Episode is the fourth one and is called “Take Us Back” and will also release in March the 26th.

Read here the post from Skybound about this release.


If you’ve played the last Episodes of the game, then you will probably know that kids are being stolen and brought to a camp where they are trained to fight everyone that doesn’t think like them.

And the same of the last Episode “Take Us Back” maybe means, that you will have to rescue these kids that where stolen.

Retail Copy also available

From the image above you see how the boxed version will look like when it comes to the available platforms like Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam and Epic Store for PC.

Both the Final Episode and the boxed version will come out on the 26th of March.