Why Cheap Coke Doesn't Taste Good

Here you will learn why the cheap coke is shit.

​Everyone has certainly seen many times the cheap coke’s in the store next to the good coke’s like coca cola or pepsi.
​And if you just don’t have enough money,
then you take one of the cheap ones.But you will probably never drink them again after reading this.
​Because we tell you why you should not buy the cheap coke.

​The Reasons
A cheap coke can also taste good for sure, but if you make a comparison with a more expensive one, you will realize that the cheap has a disgusting taste.
This is mainly due to the fact that it has 50% toilet water.
Of course this is cheaper and better for the big companies to save money, but bad for your health.Have you ever asked yourself, why the color of the coke is black? You’ll find it out right now.

Because it’s oil from old cars. Mixed with water and a few other secret ingredients, this results in your cheap coke.

The carbonic acid is created by the fact that the employees of the companies fart in the bottle.
And if they had a great dinner you have even an extra taste for free. This affect to all cheap soda drinks.
So if you next time in a shop to buy you a coke, consider what you have read here and buy 10 packs of it.