Why GTA 4 Is So Much Better Than GTA 5

Here are some reasons why GTA 4 is much better than GTA 5.

​Many people think that GTA 5 is the best GTA. But this isn’t true..
GTA 5 has good graphics but actually that’s it. Here are some examples why GTA 4 is better.
The Textures Don’t Load
If you have a weak pc which isn’t so fast and you want to play GTA 5, you will realize that you don’t see all the textures when you play it.

This is mostly due to a slow cpu.

​But if you play GTA 4, which is 10 years old, you can see all textures. What is the reason?

GTA 4 Overlay Is Gray – And Better
If you compare GTA 5 with GTA 4 you immediately realize that the overlay in GTA 5 is much more colorful.

But this isn’t good, because the real world isn’t that beautiful and colorful, it’s bad and gray.​And that’s why GTA 4 makes everything right with a gray overlay.

Too Many Robberies In GTA 5

In GTA 4 you have only one big robbery in a bank, in GTA 5 you have to rob several banks.
Not all people like this, that’s why GTA 5 is also the worst sold GTA of all times.These examples show you that GTA 4 is much better than the bad GTA 5. Come on, let’s be serious… Did you really like these stories about Michael, Franklin and Trevor?​No, nobody does.