WordPress deleted Posts still visible? Here’s how to delete them

If you have problems in seeing deleted posts on your site and want to fix it, read this post for a quick solution.

This day when I am writing this I had the same problem as you. I saw deleted WordPress Posts on Fawove. Why? I really didn’t know. But after I researched on the Internet I found a solution that is pretty quick and most importantly, it is easy.

So, you if you have deleted your posts completely and don’t have a WordPress Plugin or something else that is restoring your posts, there is actually only one real reason. Cache.

If you are using a Cache Plugin that caches your site to make it faster, it will most likely cache also your deleted posts and they are still visible on your website.

wp super cache delete cached pages
You just have to press the button to delete your cache.

To delete your cache you to simply go to your WordPress cache plugin and search for the option to delete your cache. Fawove uses WP Super Cache. If you are using it too, then go in your Admin Dashboard to Settings > WP Super Cache. There you will find an option called “Delete Cached Pages”.

After you have pressed the button, your cache will get deleted and that means, also your deleted visible posts will go away.