YouTube is deleting famous channels for promoting EduBirdie

YouTube has deleted many videos from many big YouTubers like Twinztv, Patty Mayo, NELK and more. Why? They were advertising EduBirdie, a cheating service.

The videos contained advertisements for EduBirdie, a provider of foreign written homework. Accordingly, more than 250 channels are affected by the large deleting action. They are accused of belittling fraud in schools and universities by advertising for the Ukrainian company and objecting to Youtube’s advertising policies.

According to BBC research, more than 1,400 videos with more than 700 million views contained Edubirdie advertising. The thematic range of clips ranges from video games to fashion and dating. Often, the YouTubers in the videos would interrupt their actions to promote Edubirdie, and then continue their video.

For example, let’s take the channel TwinzTv. If you go to their channel, you will see that you no longer see any videos. Now if you go to the community tab in the youtube channel, you can see what TwinzTV wrote, namely:

Hey guys! So what we have been afraid of happened! YouTube took down most our videos! This is why we haven’t been uploading to YouTube. YouTube is heading down a path where is only supports it’s agenda and not it’s creators. Thank you guys for your support and watching our videos over the years hopefully a different platform comes out soon so we can film again.


There were also many comments on this statement. People have written for example:

All youtube support is jake and logan paul and other cringe.

Elmo God

Yeah with all the content out there and they remove yours. What a joke. There is beheadings on YouTube, how to commit suicide, and much much more. But I guess yours is the worst of them all. Love ya guys, keep fighting.


or many other comments.

Also, if you go to the Socialblade side of the channel, you see that he’s losing a lot of subscribers lately. it is understandable why. the channel wants to look for something new, and they want to make gaming videos, which many people do not like.

The subs and views are going down.

It remains to be seen what will happen with these YouTube channels and how YouTube and Google will evolve in the future.

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