The Day Before’s Glitchy Chaos and Expected Shutdown

The highly anticipated game, ‘The Day Before’, was eagerly awaited by many, generating excitement upon its release. However, the initial enthusiasm faded quickly after players experienced the game while playing, leading to disappointment and a shift in their perception. Instead of the advertised post-apocalyptic MMO, the reality fell far short.

Fntastic, the developers, addressed the backlash with an official statement on Twitter and their website acknowledging the disappointment.

Additionally, the developer announced an unexpected and sudden shutdown of their company.

This led to an influx of refund requests from dissatisfied players, even prompting fellow game developers like Running with Scissors (Postal) to join in the demand for refunds.

Following the backlash, the developers of ‘The Day Before’ responded via a tweet, offering players the option to obtain refunds if they were dissatisfied with their experience.

While understanding the challenges of game development, the community and developers alike criticized Fntastic for the stark disparity between promised features and the final product.