Telltale Games Completely Shutting Down This November

Telltale Games is now finally shutting completely down. Read what happens with the announced games. As reported by, it’s…

Telltale Games Closing Down – But What About The Announced Games?

Telltale Games is closing down, but what about the remaining and announced Games? Will they still release? Read it here….

Use Your Phone Smart And Save A Lot Of Money

A phone can actually save you a lot of money. Don’t believe it? Read here how it helps you keep…

Apple Maps Icon

Apple Maps went down for a couple of minutes

Apple has affirmed on its help site that Apple Maps is having huge issues today, causing issues for individuals crosswise…

Crypto Mining is taking more Electricity Power than ever

Cryptominer are consuming more and more power. But how much accurate is hard to pin down. A Dutchman has calculated how high the energy consumption of the Bitcoin network is at least. The result and its forecasts are drastically reduced.

Google Chrome will remove the Secure Sign on HTTPS Sites

The Chrome browser identifies HTTPS encrypted web pages with a green padlock. This note should be dropped soon, because the network is “safe by default,” says Google.

Google Duplex does “robot” calls for you so you don’t have to

Google Duplex automatically calls restaurants to schedule appointments. The AI ​​sounds so convincing that the other parties at the other…

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Huawei develops Android alternative – Huawei’s own OS

The United States is increasingly massively attacking Chinese companies like Huawei and ZTE. There are first sanctions, others could follow….

Facebook can view WhatsApp chats – Even with end-to-end encryption

If Facebook and WhatsApp are installed on your iPhone, the apps can exchange data despite the iOS sandbox, warns a developer. Facebook is able to read the chat history.

Google URL Shortener will discontinue next Year in 2019

The popular link shortener from Google will discontinue next year. Read here how to save your links and get the dates.