Valve is now shipping Steam Deck, but probably not to you

Yay! Valve’s newest hardware, the Steam Deck, has finally released after the release was pushed back from December 2021 to this month, February 2022. But don’t be too happy about that, you probably have to wait a little longer. But if you did get a notification that your Steam Deck is ready to ship, you only have 3 days to order it.

If it wasn’t already bad enough… Many people cannot buy an Xbox Series X or a PlayStation 5, and they mostly don’t find these consoles in stores. That’s because of the supply chain issues. And now with a new console, there will be even more hardware demand.

The Delay

I was one of the lucky ones who preordered on July 30, 2021, and my expected order availability was Q2. But sadly, Valve has delayed the Steam Deck release, and because of that, my order availability is now “After Q2”.

If you’re in the boat with me and are also an “After Q2” person, you should not give your hopes up. Maybe in the coming weeks, Valve will produce more Steam Decks.

Or maybe give your hope up, so I get mine earlier. Hehehe.