5 Games That You Can Play On Bad Computers

You always wanted to play games on your PC but your system is not strong enough? Then we have the solution for you right here.
We show you 5 games which will run on your PC, even if you have a bad computer.


Yes. Pacman is the most classic game of video games and should not be missing on any gamer PC.
Besides, your PC can rest when you play Pacman. He will surely not overheat.


Oh yeah another great game. Tetris is simply wonderful as Pacman or other classic.
These games will run on your system.


Flatout is a series of racing games where you can also do derbys. You can even play them on your bad PC.
Especially Flatout 1 and 2 could run on your system. If not, play Pacman!


Shooting games! Yeah, even shooter games could run on your PC. If you want to try it,
we recommend you Serious Sam The First Encounter or The Second Encounter. If these games run well on your PC,
you can even look at the HD versions. These are optimized with better graphics and better resolution.


Lol, GTA on bad computers? Right, even on bad PC’s GTA could run.
If your game is lagging, you can adjust at any time your game resolution for more fps.
​If it’s still bad, you should go back to older GTA’s. For example GTA Vice City or GTA 3. Or even better GTA 1 or 2.
GTA San Andreas even has a multiplayer mode. Just download the client on sa-mp.com and install it in your GTA San Andreas folder.