A new Half Life game is coming! But it’s not Half Life 3…

Valve decided to make some announces on a new game in the Half Life series.

After many fans waited for a long time, they finally will release another Half Life game. But I think it’s not what you would have expected.

The newest upcoming Half Life game is called Half Life: Alyx and it’s coming for VR. Yes, there are no news that you can play this game without an VR headset.

It’s also possibly that you are not playing as Gordon Freeman again, but as Alyx Vance, a leading member of the resistance against the combine.

At the end of Half Life 2 Episode 2 you will see that Alyx’ dad is killed by an Combine Advisor and sadly Valve did choose to not release Episode 3 to see more of the story. But maybe they will do it in the future. There is still hope!

But it’s still great to see that Valve has not stopped making Half Life games. VR headsets are still very expensive. But if you want one, you should go with Oculus.