Days Gone is now available to buy on Steam

After being an exclusive game almost 2 years for the PlayStation, Days Gone is now also finally playable on the PC.

Days Gone was a really hyped game when it came out and many streamers and lets players have played the game at launch. Now it has released on PC.

4K and 60 FPS

The PC version of Days Gone is of course customizable. You can change the graphics and the resolution, so you can play at 4K 2160p and 60FPS if you have the hardware to do so.

The Price

If we look at the Steam version of Days Gone, we can see there is only the main game and no DLC on the store page. The game costs around 50$/€ which is quite much, since it’s already almost 2 years old.

If I were you I would wait for a sale and then enjoy the game to the fullest if you have a 4K monitor, or even a 1440p display.