Dirt 5 Got Released And People Do Not Like It

The popular offroad racing game series has got a new part. It is called Dirt 5 Who would have thought.

Because it is a new part, you would think that the game brings many improvements from the previous part and people will like it.

But if you look at the reviews on Steam, you can see that Steam’s review system has set the game to Mostly Negative. This of course comes from the bad reviews from the players.

This does not help to sell the game.

Why does it have bad reviews?

Now you can argue about whether the game is good and worse than Dirt 4, but many players have already made up their minds and left a bad review.

The positive things that people say about the game:

Some people say the game is good even if the AI is maybe worse and the performance is not so good. The game should still be fun and the physics should also contribute to the fun.

The negative things people say about the game:

“This game is a huge let down both technically and gameplay wise.”

“The game runs horribly regardless of hardware and it also doesn’t look very good”

“The cars look plastic and the awesome codemasters damage model is gone. The lighting looks flat, bad HDR.

“The gameplay is more arcade”

“This doesn’t use codemasters engine it uses evolution studio