Facebook can view WhatsApp chats – Even with end-to-end encryption

If Facebook and WhatsApp are installed on your iPhone, the apps can exchange data despite the iOS sandbox, warns a developer. Facebook is able to read the chat history. (But there is no indication that this actually happens.)

A bug puts Facebook on the iPhone technically able to read encrypted conversations from WhatsApp: Since both apps are from the same provider, they can exchange data with each other, explains Gregorio Zanon, developer of a Mac tool for managing iPhone data.

On the iPhone, the WhatsApp database is in plain text – including the chats.

It would be easy to implement a function that passes the locally decrypted WhatsApp database to Facebook, writes Zanon. But he does not claim that this is happening at the moment or has happened in the past, the developer points out several times.

The database contains phone numbers, names, timestamps, and the contents of the messages, along with links to the attachments – “enough to reconstruct the entire chat history.”

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