Fawove Downloads is now released – Download games, programs, files & more

It took a long time to build, but now Fawove Downloads is ready where you will find your desired download.

What is Fawove Downloads?

On F-Downloads you are able to download all kind of files, from Antivirus programs to free games or game demos. If you open up a download page, for example this one (LINK), you will see that you have a lot of information about the file.

First, you see the image or logo of the file or program, beside of that you see a rating system where you are able to rate the download. All users are able to rate it.

Download link and ratings

If you click on the download text then download buttons will appear. Sometimes with older versions of the downloads or a button where you can purchase the full product (for example a game).

Under this you can see most important information about the download. In this box there is info about the operating system, the price, the language, the file version and the file size.

Info box

Beneath all that you can see multiple tabs called overview, info and reviews. On overview you can see screenshots of the file or a video. On info you can see more information about the file. On reviews you are able to write a comment about the download.

Of course not many downloads are available right now. In the future more will be added.