Final Fantasy 15 & Wolfenstein Youngblood are now on the Xbox Game Pass for PC

Two top tier games are now available on the Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC.


This is a special one. Not only is it better than the pocket version but also, if pretty huge in amount of size. If you don’t know about Final Fantasy, you should start playing it and see if it entertains you.

You have multiple open world maps that you need to explore and do missions in. Of course you’ll have to kill bad monsters too. But you can also drive a car. Link to the Microsoft Store to download Final Fantasy 15.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

This is the newest entry in the Wolfenstein game series. Even though it has pretty graphics, the story is meh. Many users and game reviewers say that the previous two main Wolfenstein games were much better in term of storytelling.

Download it for yourself and see if you like it. But beware! Huge metallic dogs gonna attack you. Link to the Microsoft Store to download Wolfenstein Youngblood.

Will it be forever on Game Pass?

Most likely it will get removed after being in the Game Pass for some months. So you should try and install these games right away, if you’re interested in them!