Firefox 65: Antivirus Software Breaks Browser Functionality

The latest update of Firefox to the version 65 has got you many more security features. But also bugs, that don’t let you open any website.

If you are using Firefox and have already updated to the new version, you might notice something if you use an Antivirus Software like Avast or AVG.

You will get an error message if you try to open up any website. And that only happens if you have an Antivirus installed. Because the software messes up the Firefox HTTPS certificates for websites.

What can you do?

You can always try and uninstall the Antivirus Software. But that’s not a recommended way to deal with this problem.

The easiest way to fix this would be to go into your Antivirus App and go to it’s Settings. There you will find an option called something like “Activate HTTPS-Scanning”. Uncheck it and it should work fine now.