Forza Horizon 4: Announce Trailer, Release Date and More Info

Microsoft shows us a new trailer of Forza Horizon 4. Get more infos and the release date.

The scene of the racing game is Britain and not Asia, whereupon first rumors had hinted. This game will have left-hand traffic, as befits the UK. The game world should also be about as big as that of its predecessor “Forza Horizon 3”.

Watch the Announce Trailer here:


However, this time all four seasons are on board, which is why not only visually, depending on the season to make numerous changes, but also playful.

In winter you race over a frozen lake, which would not be possible in summer, of course. Microsoft also promise special content for each season, such as new vehicles and tasks.

The release for Xbox One and PC is scheduled for October 2, 2018. Owners of the Xbox Game Pass can play the game as the first ones.

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