Google Chrome will hide HTTPS and WWW in URL bar

It’s finally coming, if you want it or not.

Google’s browser Chrome will soon only show the website name and domain extension (like in the omnibox (URL bar).

They said it will help keep the browser more simple and user friendly who are not so tech savvy.

This is how it will look like.

If you want to see the full URL you have to double click on the URL. It remains to be seen if you can disable this feature in chrome://flags. But most likely, Google will remove the ability to see the full URL again.

One mayor browser already uses this method of hiding the full URL: Opera. Since it’s based on Chromium, the same as Google Chrome, it will not be changed back as well.

This feature is already built-in in Chrome versions higher than the standard browser. That means if you want to explore this feature and even more, you have to install Chrome Beta, Dev or Canary.