Google is thinking about selling off Zagat Survey

Google is thinking about auctioning off Zagat, the US eatery survey manage it acquired in 2011, as indicated by a report from Reuters today. The hunt goliath has apparently been in chats with different organizations who may possibly purchase the administration, which is a piece of Google Maps and is kept up by a little group of Google representatives. The supposed deal may incorporate the Zagat mark name and its site, the report says.

Google initially purchased Zagat about 10 years back for $151 million, a move supervised by Marissa Mayer when she was as yet a Google official and before her part as Yahoo CEO. Google coordinated Zagat eatery postings as a component of its Maps item, while Google representatives were responsible for running the online nearness at

Zagat was a privately owned business until its securing, so its financials were not revealed at the season of offer. Yet, it attempted to discover a purchaser in 2008 at a cost of $200 million. One of the components that prompted its possible deal was the ascent of Yelp, which turned into a considerable challenger in the online eatery surveys and revelation showcase beginning in 2004.

On Yelp, analysts bring pride in separating all that they like and don’t care for about an eatery in awesome detail. In old Zagat blurbs, each survey is loaded with short, deadened sound chomps, and the administration’s evaluations framework never fully achieved standard acknowledgment in the way Yelp’s five-star framework has in the web period.

The competition is very much reported. A month after Google procured Zagat in 2011, it helped the brand out: portable looks for Yelp were diverted to Zagat as a promotion result that appeared over Yelp’s own site. However Google has frequently neglected to use the pervasiveness of Google Maps to drive Zagat in front of the opposition, giving the administration a chance to mope on the sidelines while Yelp turned into a powerhouse. There has been no word on what value Zagat could go for. A Google representative declined to remark.