Hacker steals 20 million accounts on Aptoide – Check if you’re affected

On the April 13, 2020, Aptoide’s security was breached and 20 million accounts were stolen.

How to check if I’m affected?

Wanna see if you’re one of the emails exposed? Go to monitor.firefox.com and type in your email that you have with Aptoide.

Type in your email address.

Now you get immeditely an notification if you’re affected or not.

There’s the breach.

What to do if you’re affected?

First thing after you’ve checked that you’re affected, you should try login into your Aptoide account and change the password. If it doesn’t work anymore, then you should write to Aptoide’s support and ask them to reset your password. If you’re not affected, still change your password.

I still could login into my account and change my password, so at least I could get my account back.