How To Fix Nintendo Switch Left Joy-Con Connection Problems

Everyone should know that the new released Nintendo Switch does make many problems. Some of the problems are with the wireless LAN, overheating or the bent problem.

There is also a very annoying problem with the joy-cons. The right joy-con works how it should work, but the left one makes a lot of problems. Sometimes it’ll just don’t respond if you press buttons, and if you go too far away from the Switch the connection will be lost. That’s why many people rather play in handheld mode than in docked mode.

But there are ways of how to fix this. Read through our guide and learn.

How to fix the left Joy-Con?

There are many ways to fix it. You could buy another one for 50 bucks, because the joy-cons which are now in the shops are the new one. They don’t have the problem anymore.

The second method to fix it: You could open the joy-con yourself and show what’s wrong. Because many people have this problem, there are now a lot of guides on the internet of how to fix it yourself. The following is a video that explains everything.

The third options is to send it to Nintendo. They’ll usually fix it for you for free if you still have guarantee.