Huawei develops Android alternative – Huawei’s own OS

The United States is increasingly massively attacking Chinese companies like Huawei and ZTE. There are first sanctions, others could follow. If Huawei loses Android as an Operating System, there is supposedly an alternative.

Huawei has their own smartphone operating system, if US sanctions are so keen that the Chinese smartphone makers cannot use Android and is longer accessible. The South China Morning Post reports from Hong Kong, citing several anonymous sources.

Thus, the internal development of the alternative was started in 2012, when a first US investigation against Huawei and its competitor ZTE in China caused concern.

huawei, p20, huawei p20,
Huawei’s new phone P20

The development was not stopped and seen as a preparation for the “worst case”.

Internally, however, is admitted that the system is not as good as Android and there are “not many apps from third-party developers”.