My journey of not getting the Steam Deck

When the pre-order of the Steam Deck launched, I did not react. I thought it is not going to be cool. And then I forget about it.

Around the end of July, I thought to myself: Wow, I could actually want this device. I could play games on it, use it as a PC on a monitor. And I could do work on it, because Linux also has good software and I can connect a keyboard and mouse.

So I ordered, paid the wanted amount and thought I will get my system in December. But no luck, of course, I was Q2. Just a few days after the launch of pre-order. Great.

I waited and drank orange juice, well… Because I like it. It was now almost the official release of the Steam Deck. But then Valve told us, that the Steam Deck is getting delayed to February. I told myself that I don’t care, because I’m Q2 either way, but I was wrong. After the delay, I was not a Q2 person anymore, I got pushed back to After Q2. Right then, because of the shock, I had to pour in a little bit of alcohol into my orange juice, and I was calm again.

But now, I am officially an Q3 person. Just look at the image right there. I’m literally shaking right now.

Ngl, better than Q4.

And no, as a dev, I did not get a free Steam Deck. I have to wait with all other peasants. Which means I’m one too.