New Android Version – Android 8.1 And Android Go

Google has released a new android version, the android 8.1 and android go. Read everything about it here.

Earlier than expected the new android version was announced and will be published today. They had announced that they will publish a new android lite version which will take much less space of your phone and is faster on low end devices. Now it has been released and it’s called android go.

When will I get android 8.1?

If you have a Google device, like pixel or nexus, you could expect the new update today. But if you have another phone like Samsung or LG, you will have to wait, because most other companies want their own overlay on the android OS.

What’s new on android 8.1?

With the new OS you can see in the quick settings the battery indicator of your bluetooth devices, like your smartwatch. The quick settings are also now transparent for a new modern look. If you want to turn off you phone, you will also see a new design of the power buttons on the lower right.

Features of Android Go

What is android go?

The new OS android go will be for low end devices. It will require much less space of your phone and it is faster on low end devices like the old android versions.

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