New Fallout 76 announced! Release date, Trailer, Price and more Info

Bethesda announced a new Fallout 76. Get the game release date, trailer, the upcoming price of the game and more info.

After Bethesda ran a game teaser livestream all night, the studio has now announced Fallout 76. It is not Fallout 5, but it seems to be a spinoff of the role-playing series to play in Vault 76. Like in Fallout Shelter for mobile, PC and consoles.

The Vault has been mentioned several times, including in Fallout 3, but you could never travel to it.

It is located in the Capital Wasteland of Washington DC, which could point to the same scenario as in Fallout 3 – but possibly at a much earlier date, because Vault 76 should be opened 20 years after the nuclear war.

This would give us the experience of one of the very first Vault dwellers exploring the post-apocalypse after the atomic bombing.

They will probably tell us more about the game in the coming E3, as well as the release date that could be also this year or next year.

Also the price could be the same as in Fallout 4, 60$, if it will be a full priced game. We don’t know yet.

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