Nintendo Switch Lite: All Specs & Images About The New Console

Nintendo recently announced the new Nintendo Switch Lite. It looks like the old Switch console at first, but it’s quite different.

Before the next successor “Nintendo Switch Pro” was even mentioned by Nintendo, the Switch Lite gets announced.

If you take a look at the console, you’ll see that it looks quite like the original Nintendo Switch.

But it’s a lot different. In good terms and in bad terms.

What’s the difference?

First of all, you should know what “Lite” means. The display is smaller, but the resolution is the same as the original Switch, 720p.

It’s not so heavy like the original console. And you cannot remove the Joy Cons from the console.

Because the new Switch Lite will be an handheld-only console. You cannot put it in the Dock Station from the original Nintendo Switch.

It will release on 20.09.2019.

For a full image of the specs, look below.